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Collection of expressions of interest for Port System Authorities The Notice of call for choosing the Presidents of the 15 Port System Authorities, has been published

4 August 2016 – It will start today, with the publication of the specific notice of call, the collection of expressions of interest for the role of Presidents of the 15 Port System Authorities.

The notice of call refers to the Legislative Decree on “ the reorganization, rationalization and simplification of Port Authorities’ legislative framework , pursuant to Law No. 84 of 28 January 1994 , approved on July 28, 2016 by the Council of Ministers.

The notice of call was requested by the Minister of Infrastructure and Transport, Graziano Delrio, in order to collect qualified candidates. The Minister, as the Decree provides for, will appoint the Presidents of the Port System Authorities, in agreement with the Presidents of the affected Regions, after consulting Parliamentary Committees.

The role, the tasks and characteristics of the Presidents of the New Port System Authorities are described in the Decree, which clearly states, inter alia, that the President is chosen between the citizens of the Member States of the European Union with proven experience and professional qualification in transport economy and port sectors.

So the Ministry intends to proceed with the acquisition of expressions of interest “ in order to take over, on an exclusive and full-time basis, the above mentioned role”.

It will be possible to participate to the notice of call by sending a curriculum vitae, specifying qualifications and professional experience acquired in transport economy and port sectors, as well as for which Port System Authority the applicant intends to propose himself as President.

The curriculum vitae must be completed in its entirety, in Italian and using the European CV format; furthermore, it must be exclusively sent by email no later than 4 September 2016, 12 p.m., at the following email address of the Head of Cabinet’s Secretariat: (

The expressions of interest received will constitute a database made available to the Minister.